Tackle – Cycle to the Moon, Save a Dad

Are you planning your own Cycle to the Moon event? If you want to spread the word about it, follow these instructions:

1.) Click on the link below to download the template for our Cycle to the Moon press release (template is in Microsoft Word format)

2.) The document is easy to edit. Just fill in the sections in brackets with your own event’s details, including the location and the date, so people know where to go and when. Make sure to keep the section at the end, titled “Note to Editors”

3.) Once you have filled in the necessary details, save the document under the title “Cycle to the Moon [Insert local area] 2018 press release”

4.) Contact local media groups (e.g. local newspapers, radio and TV stations and even local bloggers). Write them an introductory email and attach your press release for them to read

5.) The section titled “Notes for Editors” is to be read by your recipient – it gives them the low-down about Tackle and the work we do

If you have any problems or need help with preparing your press release, please contact Siobhan Connor by calling her on 07966 177 025 or emailing her at

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