There are many ways to Cycle to the Moon…




The Lensbury Club’s Lockside Team in Teddington participated in a 5-day Cycle to the Moon fundraiser in early April.

It was one small cycle ride for man, but one giant leap for mankind.

Staff and members took turns on an exercise bike and after hours of peddling, they managed to smash their original fundraising target! Well done to them.

If you like the sound of an indoor cycle-ride, why not do it at your local gym? Set yourself a target, fit it into your usual routine and see how far you can go.








Cyclists from Bury Cycle Speedway completed their 26th annual Good Friday charity cycle ride by Cycling to the Moon.

This year, they decided to ride in support of the fight against prostate cancer this year, having signed up for a Cycle to the Moon ride in the great outdoors.

Riders aged 8 to +80 took part, joined later on by further members of the club for the off-road ride around the National Route 6 route.

Neil Howarth, from Bury Cycle Speedway said: “A great time was had by all, despite slightly chilly weather early on and we are proud to support Tackle”








The Fun-Ki-Riders, an Ayrshire-based Charity Cycle team, joined the campaign for a bank holiday weekend ride in early May.

They cycled 57 miles across hilly terrain and through less-than-ideal weather conditions, on a ride that saw them cycle from Drumlanrig Castle and back again – all in the space of 4hrs 45mins.

Ken Batty from Fun-Ki-Riders said: “The Fun-Ki-Riders hope that we have helped and that our efforts will assist in raising more awareness for the Tackle Prostate Cancer Charity.”








On Saturday 12th May, the APPLE prostate support group organised a Cycle to the Moon ride at the Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre.

Over the course of their hour-long ride, they managed to cycle over 50 miles, raising more than £300.

APPLE prostate secretary Jane Smith said “The challenge was great fun and it was good to spend time together working as a team.”

She added that “The leisure centre staff were very supportive and encouraging too. We hope joining in and raising money for Tackle’s campaign will help raise awareness about Prostate Cancer. We need to ensure everyone knows the symptoms…this condition is responsive to treatment if detected soon enough.”





On Sunday 13th May, the Tavistock Wheelers got together to Cycle to the Moon.

They managed to raise £125, during a ride including a café stop at Badger’s Holt, Dartmeet.

Kirk Alderson told us it was “a hard ride over Dartmoor in lovely weather by 20 members of Tavistock Wheeler Cycling Club”

He added that they were “pleased to be supporting Cycle to the Moon – Save a Dad.” Well done everyone!








On Thursday 31st May, Bob White, one of the co-founders of a prostate cancer support group in Melton, cycled 24 miles with his grand-daughter as part of their Cycle to the Moon ride.

“It was a great ride and in the company of my step-granddaughter Joni which was nice (not without incident however – I did fall off at one stage and have a few bruises and nettle rash! – but no bones broken) so it was all worthwhile…”

During their ride, Bob and Joni managed to raise over £600. Bob added, “I am really pleased – I didn’t anticipate raising anywhere near that amount”

Thanks so much for taking part, Bob & Joni!










On Wednesday 20th June, the Prostate Peddlers cycling group rode between Biggleswade and Thetford as part of our Cycle to the Moon campaign.

Charles Frost explains: “We…have chosen ‘Tackle Prostate Cancer’ and their Cycle to the Moon campaign. Something that we all believe in and recognise is that early detection is so important in the fight against this cancer”

Tackle thanks the Prostate Peddlers for taking part.





Captain Julian Burgess, along with the crew and passengers of the MV Saga Sapphire cruise ship, took to the high seas and held not just one but two cycle rides as part of their Cycle to

 the Moon ride.

It all kicked off with a cycle ride on the verandah of the ship, with as many as 37 volunteers (both passengers and crew) taking turns to clock up miles on an exercise bike over several hours.

To top it all off, they went on to do an incredible beat-the-ship cycle ride on dry land, as the cruise ship drifted through the Kiel Canal.

At the last count, the crew and passengers managed to raise over £6,000 in just a few short hours. It was a truly remarkable effort. A big thank you to everyone who took part.







On Father’s Day (17th June 2018), Doug Badger from the South Warwickshire Prostate Cancer Support Group supervised a sponsored Cycle to the Moon ride with over 20 fellow cyclists.

Stratford-upon-Avon Leisure Centre kindly offered them the use of its spinning studio for free. Participants included members of the Support Group and their relatives, as well as willing volunteers from the Leisure Centre itself.

Together, this team cycled a collective 228.6 miles amongst themselves, and raised over £2,500. Well done everyone!

“Some who were spinning were doing so in memory of their fathers and others were doing it as a contribution to supporting their fathers who are living with prostate cancer”, Doug explains.

“A good time was had by all. Same time next year?”