How to get involved

You can organise your own cycling event by yourself, with your friends and family, outdoors or indoors and get people to sponsor you.

There are two ways in which you can raise money through your event:

Set up a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving. This is just like JustGiving but Virgin Money Giving is a not-for-profit organisation and only charge charities the minimum fees needed to cover their running costs. You can easily see who has sponsored you and your supporters are automatically thanked. But you can of course thank them personally as well if you want.

Use a sponsorship form. If you prefer to use a form that people can fill out to support you, then this is the one for you.

You can also create a team page for your club on Virgin Money Giving where individual pages can be linked together. This will show how much your event as a whole, has raised.

If you need any help or advice, please call James on 0300 365 4080 or email

Ideas on how to secure sponsorship

Set yourself a target – This helps as it is fun to see you move towards that goal. Supporters will like to feel that they are contributing towards a tangible target. You could ask for sponsorship per mile or kilometre.

Promote your event – You can download a poster to promote your event. Simply fill in the blanks with your location and date.

People like to give –Whilst not everybody can afford to make large donations, supporting you for a few pence or pounds per mile soon adds up and by sponsoring you they feel part of what you are doing.

Share why you are doing it – It is worth talking about why you are doing this ride. People like to know about the good causes and will mention it to someone else who might just sponsor you as well.

Use notice boards or meetings – A meeting at your workplace where you can mention it or a notice board for an eye-catching poster and sponsorship form is a less daunting way of asking for help. Staff newsletters are handy too. You might even inspire someone to join in.

Mention it to your colleagues and boss – Some firms will fund what you raise up to a certain level.

Make it easy to give – We think an online fundraising page such as Virgin Money Giving is the more appealing method as you can send updates to friends and relations and give them another opportunity to support you.

Gift Aid – An extra 25% can be added by the taxman if your sponsor is a UK resident, a taxpayer and paying at least as much tax as they are likely to reclaim from their donation. All they need to do is to confirm that they are a taxpayer, have paid tax at least equivalent to their donation and tick the box to acknowledge that they agree to Gift Aid applying to their donation. In return, the amount they have sponsored you for goes up by a quarter.

And, finally, do tell your sponsors of your achievement once you have completed your ride. They are part of your team now and will be pleased to know.

Ambassador, Tackle Prostate Cancer“One in eight men in the UK will develop Prostate Cancer. Tackle’s initiative ‘Cycle to the Moon, Save a Dad’ is an exciting fundraising event which aims, through schools, to raise awareness in the next generation and hopefully see more men at risk of prostate cancer having an earlier diagnosis”.

Lord Rose,
Tackle Prostate Cancer

“Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK. Unfortunately many men are unaware of this fact and unaware that there is a blood test, PSA, that is an indicator of their risk. The ‘Cycle to the Moon, Save a Dad’ initiative will raise children’s awareness and thus their fathers’. Undoubtedly, lives will be saved. Knowledge is power”.

Professor Frank Chinegwundoh MBE
Consultant Urological Surgeon, Barts Health NHS Trust,
Chairman, Tackle Clinical Advisory Board

Watch Frank’s Appeal

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